Kemba Walker’s Incredible Quiet Year

kemba over kyle

26 seconds tick away as Kyle Lowry leads a comeback against Kemba Walker and the short-handed Charlotte Hornets team with 10 active players for the night. Kemba Walker stands one on one with James Johnson alone up five, what do you do? Well if you’re Kemba Walker you crossover and step back to create separation and you show that you have ice in your veins and pull up to push the lead to six!

This game winning thing for Kemba Walker has become a usual thing, just the night before on January seventh he cashed the game winner with 1.4 seconds left in the game. Cardiac Kemba is becoming a name that the New York native is very comfortable with. “I just tried to make a play”, this seems to be the generic quote on a nightly basis from Walker as he continues to hit game winners.

Not only has Kemba Walker become “Mr BIG SHOT” but he also has shown he can be a complete guard by his rate of efficiency. Walker’s Player Efficiency Rating(PER) is 19.49, which is ninth in the NBA among guards and fourth in the Eastern Conference. Scoring 19 points per game, while dishing six assists out a game, and also leads the turnover ratio among guards at 6.3 turnovers a game. Kemba has shown he has grown not only as a player in the NBA, but also as an adult.

Kemba’s points per game has rose to 20 points this season on zero days of rest. That’s a three point improvement from last season. Following Kemba throughout his career you can tell he is in better shape and sounds as efficient as ever. Walker has also become known as the crossover artist of the NBA. Victims of Walker’s crossover have been Chris Paul, Elfrid Payton, and the sickest crossover of the year on Nikola Mirotic 

He has become more than just a typical scorer, he has shown that he is not afraid of being the hero. During the 2014-2015 season there are four players tied with three 30 point games consecutively. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and Kemba Walker. As the season progresses without Kemba the Hornets will not make the playoffs, but if Kemba keeps up this level of play for the rest of the year the Hornets might find themselves as far as the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

-Cameron Carter


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