Damian Lillard being the 13th man left off Team USA is only the beginning of endless opportunities

Before we go any further, as a Blazers fan it would have been great to see Dame play for Team USA, we could compare the statistical differences between Lillard and Irving, we also could make an argument about the dependability of Rose health and his consistency. We can’t help as fans to draw comparisons between players from different positions and Lillard, due to his break out year during the 2013-2014 season. We could argue all day from both viewpoints, but that would not change decision made to leave Portland’s point guard of the future off the Team USA roster.

Rip City fans don’t forget even though Dame was the 13th man left off the 12 man roster which hurts even more, Rudy Gay and Kyle Kover will not sky rocket into stardom since they’re headed to Spain.Let’s be honest the 24 year old point guard will have many more chances to represent this country(2016 Olympics, 2018 FIBA, etc.). Let’s be honest Dame playing in this event and leading the team in scoring hypothetically what would he receive? Patriotic honor? A medal and a boost in his bank account? What Lillard does for his team when the NBA season starts means a lot more than this event in Spain.

Will Damian playing for Team USA help his team get deeper into the Western Conference playoffs, and eventually help them achieve the big goal, an NBA championship? Ask any Oklahoma City fan if they would rather let a fatigue Kevin Durant play overseas or would you rather him rest up and be ready to go for the NBA season?” Real fans will not be able to say “yes” without a smirk or a snicker.

The future is bright for the Webber State alum, don’t rush him into NBA stardom. If anything as a Trail Blazer fan being the 13th man on the 12 man roster will only make Damian more hungry to show Coach K and staff what they missed out on during the NBA season!

-Cameron Carter


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