Keen Vibes Fashion tip of The Week


I know the excitement is brewing inside of you! As the weather starts to warm up it is time to substitute the scarves for your shades and summer fedoras.  But if you like to stay trendy during the summer here are a few ways to stay classyfashionable, and stylish presented to you by the Red Pyramid Company.

Word it Up!-

Logos are becoming a very trendy wear for women recently. As a woman there are so many brands out there so you don’t look don’t have to dress like the typical girl. You have to understand that there are multiple ways to show that you have your own style while also being trendy.  The shirt or the dress could worn can have a logo(as seen below) like supreme, or even on a dress if you are able to accessorize impressively like the model shown below.


Floral is the new Expression-

If you are given the option to wear floral go all out! Now this does not mean leaving your house as a bouquet of flowers. Just understand that floral is something that is able to be worn beautifully if you have the confidence to wear it spitefully.  When wearing floral, try to not over do it. If you are going to wear a floral shirt, go with solid color pants. Pattern on pattern can be pulled off but try to venture away from it when wearing floral. Floral pants that fit loose is a new trend that is given positive reviews and can be in a semi formal setting as well. The floral dress can stand for rebellion, atrademark spring clothing option, or even a nice church dress. You should be able to find a nice floral dress and be able to wear it with your favorite flats.


Drift into the midriff season:

Midriffs give off a positive and negative connotation depending on when and where you wear it. Midriff clothing is usually frowned upon at formal events regardless of how trendy the look is. So when it comes to wearing midriff clothing make sure you are wearing to a casual event and/or somewhere you will be able to show it off. It is usually nice to see an occasional shirt that you are able to tie up and show off your stomach or even a scandalous dress that is able to show off everything that you have to offer. All jokes being put aside midriff is a deadly trend for two reasons, you can kill people with the flawlessness that your outfit gives. Or you can kill the opportunities that may be in your future when you show to much skin in a formal setting due to midriff clothing.


As a young woman, appearance is everything, make sure that when you follow these trends throughout the spring and summer that they reflect your personality and value as a young lady!

-Cameron Carter


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