The man in the Gold Pants

Rebel $ociety Clothing CEO Michael Hart


Keen vibes is a blog that ranging from fashion to football, sneakers to music; always like to speak on the most relevant news there is. Here at keen vibes we also like to spot light those who are young and on a “come up”. Today I had the honor of interviewing the CEO of Rebel $ociety Clothing, Michael Hart. I came across Michael on Instagram wearing a pair of solid gold pants, after speaking with him and finding out that he made them himself I knew he would be a perfect addition to this blog. I had to find out more about him as well as his other pieces. And That I did, introducing Michael Hart.

When asking Michael how he defined “fashion” he responded by saying “I would describe fashion not necessarily as just clothing. Fashion is an alter ego, a best friend, a confidant, a therapist, a personality, just an overall way to show the public who the inner you is. It’s a way to express yourself.”



Michael takes these words to heart every time he steps out in a pair of his custom maid pants created by no one other than himself! When being asked about his take on today’s teen “fashion choices” he replied “In today’s fashion I see a lot of mess… Fashion is what you make it. If you’re walking the streets wearing the same stuff as the man beside you, that’s not fashion. Fashion is originality.



What caught my eye about Michael was his unique designs when it came to his pants and when being asked, what initially sparked his interest in designing he said “I starting creating my own clothing in the summer of 2013. I started to sew because I felt my style couldn’t be heard through stores in the mall. I wanted people to see me as me, not as urban outfitters or zumiez or PAC sun. I still do shop there from time to time though. The first piece I created was a pair of basic white pants.”

Michael is a designer who not only creates pants but, is ready to create whatever idea you throw his way. “The sky is really the limit” when it comes to this guy. .”If you want it I got it. I can do pants, t-shirts, button downs, fitting dresses and skirts, long formal dresses and skirts, almost everything.” was his response when being asked what type of clothing do you create. Below you will find some of his other creations


michael3                  michael1


A Rebel $ociety Clothing original will definitely be in my closet soon, if you are feeling the same his IG is @trendeldinero. Support this young CEO, I know I will be and SOON!

-The Taste Maker, Kevin Savage


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