Dom Stays consistent while giving us a new feel in his first Independent Album “Get Home Safely”


Dom Kennedy has not found success on the mainstream circuit of hip-hop, but he might be one of the most well known “kept secrets” of hip-hop. Dom is not Kendrick, YG, Nipsey Hustle, or any other California rapper who will try to pull you in with just his lyrics. Dom is not a rapper who has to talk about extravagant things in Europe to make his music sound good. Dom sticks with his fans that have been with him since 2008 when he released “25th Hour”. Dom made this album get home safely for his fans that have been “Dom deprived” for over year since the “Yellow Album”. Dom did not disappoint; Dom has shown that he can and will be consistent with his music as an MC in this game. “Niggas Know how I Do, Bitches Know how I DO”(Track 4.After School).

Dom Kennedy gets just as much respect for his verbal skills for his beat selection as well. On “The Yellow Album”  A Mixture of Poly3ster, THC, and DJ Dahi. On “Get Home Safely” J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, J Keys, and Money Mike combo gave this album one of the best flows for albums that the fall edition of hip-hop has seen so far. Dom has shown you that if you listen to his music you will find what you are looking for. Dom does not want you to sit down and pick his song apart to find the meaning, Dom has shown that if you listen and use the thought process GOD has given you that you will find what you are looking for. 

Dom music is music you want to play at the beach while having a day with some friends. Dom wants his listeners to not have to be in a certain mood to listen them. He wants his music to be able to be listened to regardless of the weather, time of day, or the mood somebody has set you in. As long as you get home safely Dom and you will find purpose in his music.

-Cameron Carter


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