Dom Kennedy’s Unique Album artwork has fans Anticipating Greatness.

Dom Kennedy's Unique Album artwork has fans Anticipating Greatness.

After making fans wait for so long and a few delays it is finally here! Dom Kennedy unveiled his unique album cover. Dom gained plenty of new listeners with the Yellow Album. But he said “I’m making sure my new album stay’s true to my old fans as well”. Selfish fans don’t understand the delays we had to wait through, but it was worth waiting. Dom said in an interview
“I made Get Home Safely partly inspired by my homeboy. One of my best friends from elementary school died last year and it was a personal mission of mine to dedicate this whole whatever it’s going to be to him.”
Get Home Safely will be carried by Best Buy and ITunes; It is available for pre-ordering on October First. Dom added an OPM poster inside every Get Home Safely copy carried at Best Buy. The album drops on October Fifteenth. I know I speak for everybody when I say I’m excited to see what the California Rapper has in store for us after a year long wait.
-Cameron Carter


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