2 Chainz album review


Who is having more fun than Atlanta born & raised rapper Tauheed Epp A.K.A 2 Chainz right now? The 35 year old just dropped his sophomore album titled B.O.A.T.S ii “Me Time” on September ninth. The theme of the Album in a nutshell is about drugs, sex, proforma, and flossing.

His quick hit satisfaction on the album displays Epp’s of going back to his roots. While sticking to his roots he still found a creative way to use his comedic chants to make sure his more up to date fans could relate. ex. “2 chainzzzzzz” “truuuuuuuu”. While these two key components attract his usual listeners, it does not necessarily reach out to a new community of listeners.

The first half of Epp’s album is characterized by sick beats and minimal instrumentation. Mike Will contributing beats on songs like You da Reallest, Extra( ft, Rich Homie Quan), and arguably the best song on the album I do It( featuring Drake and Lil Wayne). The album starts with 2 Chainz being 2 Chainz with epic one liners: “Hung up on a B-tch, call it crucifight”. The production on this album is arguably some of the best of the year.

While the second half the album Epp’s shows us a side of himself he rarely shows, he goes sentimental on us a little. He gives us a little bit more realness, explaining how he felt the days while he was trapping. In his song black unicorn he says: “free at last, free at last that’s what I said when i got out my last deal”. Epp’s takes us to a place with him we have never been before. Where is that pace you ask? That place is when he was not rapping yet, while he was still trying to make ends meet.

When asking hip hop lovers unanimously told me their favorite pat of the album had to be some of the collaborations on the album. With the likes of Lil Wayne, Drake, Rich Homie Quan, Chrisette Michelle, Sunni Patterson, Ma$e, and a surprising Fergie appearance on a song called Netflix. She did not sound half bad either, ” when I die bury me inside a Gucci store, cause when I die Fergie still gonna be getting dough”… wonder if 2 chainz helped her out with that one.

Out of 5 stars, Epp’s gets 3 1/2 out of me for his nice collabos, smooth beats, and his give and take persona through out the album is some of the key components. However Epp’s tries to offset the raunchy while trying to change the shift of the song to auto-biographical, but it just makes him sound derivative. Also the scattered construction of the album hinders the  true talent of the rapper, as well as weak conceptualization. I say weak conceptualization when using J. Cole album for example; J. Cole used interludes(Mo money) and even Skits(Kenny Sermon’s or Where’s Jermaine) to make sure the album flows and is also very easy for a person who never even listened to J Cole could still follow. Epp’s album gives you the idea that it will flow and you will be able to follow, when he uses a conversation he has with his mom at the start of his album. But sadly that is the only time he tries to tie the album together.

As a Hip Hop fan I want to know your opinions; If you think differently comment and let me know!

– Cameron Carter


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