Keen Kreator


As you know KeenVibes is a blog that is multi mixed with fashion, music , sports and soon to be much more. As a blog dealing with music we have decided to “spot light” a person every week who is what we like to call a “Keen Kreator”. A person who is spreading Keen Vibes Locally through fashion, music, sports etc.

This Weeks Keen Kreator  of the week: Chance Gordon

When you hear the name “Chance The Rapper” you probably think of the Chicago born rapper that has had infamous songs like juice, NaNa, and Acid Rap(which is also the name of his newest mixtape). But have you ever heard of “Sunshine when the Sunrise”, “Dreams Money can Buy”, or even my personal favorite “Egypt”.  Take some advice from your boy right here… YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THEM ASAP.  But Chance Gordon(yes that is his real name) is an aspiring rapper trying to well in his own words “making sure the music I make is felt through my fan base”. Chance and I have known each other for three years and when listening to this Varsity hooper’s music on sound cloud it does not surprise me to know that he is succeeding with his music. No it’s not because he is another kid who has dreads and dresses “differently”, but because he is a seventeen year old kid that loves to rap and love make his friends, family, and his fans happy!

Chance said he played around until 7th grade with rapping until he went to a new school, where he learned that he was actually good at this “rapping” thing. He said the first day he rapped at the lunch table everybody couldn’t believe he was spitting the way he was. People at the table told him he had potential to rap regularly or even professionally. Thank goodness he did. He said he got serious about rapping in 8th grade and dropped his first mix tape in the middle of his 9th grade year.

 Chance music is locally based right now. But at the rate his popularity is soaring up in Virginia I know he will be successful soon! This will forever be my favorite quote from Chance…

“It’s hard to lose when everyone else is behind you”

I know one day real soon Chance Gordon and I will look back on this quote and say you were right…. “They still are looking for you probably”!

-Cameron Carter



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