Vintage or Sabotage?


“Thrifting” has been around for more than the two years that it most recently became popular. Your mom might have went to a good will to get a table or desk. Your aunt may have took you there while she was shopping for a friend. Maybe even during your child hood some of your “freshest” pieces were cops from the latest G W boutique. Back then you would have been hurt or even embarrassed to find this out, because your friends at school would “work” you.
As recently as 2010 the word “thrifiting” became less of a social suicidal word, and crossed over to the socially boosting word as the style of “vintage” hit local teens tumblrs everywhere. Once this came out everyone hit up their local GW Boutiques to cop all the cosby sweaters, floral windbreakers, high waist jeans(later to be turned into shorts), and grandpa/ grandma shirts they could find. You yourself may have been apart of this deadly trend. “Why deadly?” you might be asking, well because we have seen many attempts at this vintage style some won and some lost devastatingly which murdered them in the everyday fashions shows that take place at school.
This post is suppose to help with your thrift adventure and hopefully by the end you will never leave the thrift store again without first asking you self “Vintage or Sabotage of my own personal style?

Thrifting Tips
1. Go in with a set mind of what your looking for, because without that you’ll go in and pick up whatever you think is “Vintage”

2. Not everything from the thrift store has to look vintage. You may find a shirt in there that looks like it came straight from Karma Loop, H&M or even Urban Outfitters. Just because it doesn’t look like something from the 80’s or 90’s doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it.

3. Don’t try and cop what everyone else already has. In other words don’t ask someone where they got there sweater and go in the nearest goodwill or value village and try to find the same sweater in just a different color. First off IT’S A THRIFT STORE, NO TWO CLOTHES WILL BE ALIKE.
Second, do you really want to be known as “that girl” or “that guy” who wants to be just like somebody else.

4. Create you own vintage style, and don’t go in and come out with a shirt that you think everyone else will like and wear it exactly the same as everyone else. Buy what you like and wear how you want. You could start a new trend.

5. Don’t over do the vintage style and come out looking like your great Aunt Pearl or Uncle Fredrick.
Thrifting should be something you to have a little fun one, and shouldn’t be a day were you stress yourself out trying to find what something everyone else will like. Be you and do you and at the end of your trip really ask yourself “Vintage or Sabotage?”

-Kevin Savage


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