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Keen Kreators

As you know KeenVibes is a blog that is multi mixed with fashion, music , sports and soon to be much more. As a blog dealing with fashion we have decided to “spot light” a person every week who is what we like to call a “Keen Kreator”. A person who is spreading Keen Vibes Locally through fashion, music, sports etc.

This Weeks Keen Kreator  of the week: Thomas Guy Deshields

Thomas is a charlotte based ready to wear womens clothing designer.  After having a sit down interview with him about himself, his line, and his future this is what he had to say.

1.How would you describe your own personal style.

I would consider my style to be very classic, simple and chic. my closet consists on neutrals with splashes of color here and their.

2.What is your definition of fashion.

My definition of fashion has to do with  self expression. to have any kind of sense of fashion i believe you have to know who you are!

3.What made you decide to make clothes.

 I don’t really think that’s a question, i was born to design i didn’t have a choice to be honest.

4.What inspires you when it comes to creating.

 I’m inspired by the city girl on the move, the simplicity of design, and what makes women feel good.

5.Who is the target audience of these pieces.

Young chic girls.

6.Where could your clothes be worn?

Any place your car can take you.

7.Are there any designers in particular you look up to.

Yes Rachel roy, Alexander wang, Jasun wu zac posen just to name a few.

8.How would you describe your label/brand?

History in the making.

9.What inspired your label/brand.

I just want girls/women to have a closet full of staple pieces that doesn’t take a long time to figure out what to wear with it.. very easy going.

10.What are some of your fashion goals/ Where do you want your clothes to be in 5 years.

my goals are to win a cfda fashions designer lifetime achievement award. to have my stores all over the world

13.Where can readers buy your clothes?

From me personally. email me ( or call me (704-287-1324)

Thomas is a person that is slowly but surely changing the face of fashion one piece at a time,  Interested in this Keen Kreator and his work follow his IG @ _ yungrapunxel on IG.


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