Devon Sutton (WR/Saftery) North Meck: Senior #2


Devon Sutton attends North Mecklenburg High School in Huntersville, North Carolina. He told me during our interview that he has been playing football sice he was seven years old and never stopped because it felt “natural”. He has received interest from ECU, Duke, Clemson, Wingate, Wofford, UNC- Pembroke. Via the most interest is coming from Appalachian State and Duke right now. While playing Safety and Wide Receiver another attribute a lot of scouts have taken into consideration is his incredible return game. As you can see in one of his best plays of the year against Myers Park last year (; He scored one punt return touchdown and two kickoffs for scores last season for the Vikings. One of his favorite players in the NFL is Devin Hester the best returner in the NFL today and has been argued to be the best the league has ever seen. He told me that he wears the number two because “He wants to make his own number a trend setter”. Devon said the goal he is setting for North Mecklenburg football right now is having a winning record, make it to the playoffs, and change the entire outlook of the North Mecklenburg football program.

Twitter: Devo_O

Instagram: Dev0_s

-Cameron Carter


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