7 deadly Trends

    Its 2 more weeks in the “summer” before we have to go back to school. Bitter sweet is what comes to mind when thinking about this. First week of school is nothing but paper work and 9 hour “stunt shows”. People come in either what they copped the week before or been stocking up over the whole summer. Either way back to school is your biggest chance to stunt and show what type of swank you’re working with.

                      1st   Buttoned downs, Wrapped around!!


This dates back all the way to the 90s during saved by the bells, full house, white men can’t jump, and power rangers days!! This came back around the end of last school year, but it didn’t go away! It stayed the whole summer and will be walking in to the House of Stunt on August 26. It can go with what ever your trying to do, whether it be a chill dress down day. Or loud “GIVE IT TO EM” day. What ever your feeling, a wrap around can pull any fit together.

2nd. The dye will never, truly die!


Over the summer numerous amounts of people discovered the power of the tie dye pack. From Shirts, to tanks, to socks. Tie dye is a type of style that will never truly die! This with a nice jean and solid colored shoe will have you set to walk the halls of your stunt house.

3rd.Baseball the new Football


You don’t have to be on the Baseball team to rock the Jerseys. People began to get real comfortable near the end of last school year and actually wear them with fits. And it actually looked good. It carried through out the summer. Weather it was the braves, sox or mets as long as it matched the footwork;  it was IG worthy.

4th. Graphic T’s never Disagrees


Graphic tees this summer followed the rules of “the weirder the better” weather is be one weird word printed on as white tee or full graphic front and back. This is another versatile piece that can either go chill or “Give IT TO EM”. Just depends on how you decide to pull the inner swank out of your piece.

5th. Overalls Kills em ALL!!


“Vintage” became the signature style once people discovered the power of tumblr and “thrifting”. Although it has been attempted by many and failed by most. I have seen some amazing “overall” styles during this summer. They can be cut at the knee or taken in at the leg. Overalls are coming back and will definitely be something attempted in 2013-2014.

6th. Gold drippin and 1’s tippin


ALL GOLD EVERYTHING!  Gold made its major come back all last school year, made its way through the summer and will defiantly be the staple pieces to a “trill” fit, during the stunt shows during the first week of school. Gold chains, bracelets, earrings, shades, phoncases or even Bottom Grillz. You can never go wrong with gold.
True sneaker connoisseurs  know that 1’s have been and always will be a staple piece in a any kind of fit. But since they have been retro’ed they will definitely be walking the halls of all schools everywhere!! From the jokers to the true blues, there back and I think will be around for a long time.

7th. Colored pants, always Enhances


Solid color pants came around during the summer and are will stay until winter. Pants like this can pull anything together and give you that real clean look. Once you pull these on your inner swank will come out as you participate in the stunt shows; going on during the first week of school.

These are just some of the major trends that were set over the summer and will definatley be seen during all the stunt shows that will be happening during your first week back. There are way more trends waiting to be set, and you could be just the right swanky person to do it.

-Kevin Savage



  1. Good stuff. Colorful pants are gonna be the next cop for me. Got shorts but no pants. And Gold goes well with that. Copped me a chain this summer. STEEZE

  2. I love the graphic tees. If you wanna do the tie dye trend but still be unique, tie dye shoes, hats, or pants (for the extreme ones) would be even better.

  3. Colored pants and graphic t-shirts are where it’s at. I need to stock up on some more of each. Not really feelin the overalls

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