NCAA Championship Game Tournament Game Preview

8. Connecticut Huskies (31-8) vs. 7. Kentucky Wildcats (29-10) 9:10 p.m. on CBS in Arlington,Texas
If anybody told you that they had Kentucky and UCONN in the title game they lied. Neither team made it to the tournament last year. Kentucky was very sub-par and did not receive an automatic bid, while UCONN was ineligible due to academic controversies. But both teams were able to turn around and lead their teams to a successful season. Kevin Ollie has done GREAT in his first NCAA tournament appearance. While John Callapari keeps showing us why he is known as one of the best college coaches in the profession as of right now. You will be given a brief overview of what to expect in the championship game tonite and the keys to winning for both teams.
Keys to the game for UCONN:
UCONN getting off to a good start-
Even though UCONN has outscored there opponents in the NCAA tournament in the second half by +15 points there is still concern when playing Kentucky. The athleticism and all around play by this cohesive Kentucky team could trouble UCONN’s come back chances. SO they can not let Kentucky jump out to a league and have them playing catch-up all night. 
Stealing the ball will be key-
The Kentucky Wildcats are 303 in the COUNTRY in defensive turnover percentage. They commit more turnovers than they force by a landslide. UCONN forced 12 turnovers and held Florida to 3 assists in their win over Florida Saturday. Multiple turnovers by a team can kill a teams momentum. This was evident when the Kentucky’s multiple turnovers led to them being defeated by Arkansas twice this year. Shabazz Napier might be a great offensive player, but the Harrison brother have to watch for him and his stealing ability. He has 12 steals in total in the tournament so far. 
Deandre Daniels production-
Deandre Daniels has transformed from sidekick to superstar in a short span! The great athleticism of Daniels will be key to this game. Julius Randle has struggled to guard mobile forwards( Villanova’s Jayvaughn Pinkston and Michigan State’s Branden Dawson). If Daniels can start off the game positively against Randle this could be the key to UCONN winning.
Keys to the game for Kentucky:
Marcus Lee’s Defense- 
Now to say that Marcus Lee will be able to deny Deandre Daniels a single point in the championship game would be a stretch. Although Marcus Lee has been able to step up in place of the injured Willie Cauley-Stilen and has produced great minutes for Kentucky. His intimidating athleticism has been able to scare away guards from driving and putting up baby hooks when he is on the weak side. If Lee is able to stop Shabazz with a couple of blocks then he should be able to change the overall momentum of the game.
Offensive Rebounding will be key-
Without the incredible offensive rebounding of this team, Kentucky would not be able to survive this long in the tournament. Kentucky ranks second in the country Offensive rebounding percentage. If they are able to use their front court depth and athleticism to out work UCONN this could be the key to winning this game.
Aaron Harrison avoiding fouls-
Aaron Harrison has a problem and it is known as his greatest flaw. His lack of being able to defend speedy guards. With this flaw hurting his defensive game, he tends to foul to often. He averages 3.5 fouls a game., Saturday he was on the bench more often than to John Calapari’s liking due to his early foul trouble. He almost cost his team the game when he fouled Traveon Jackson on a three-pointer with less than 20 seconds left in a tie game Saturday
Results of Contest: UCONN 87 Kentucky 82
UCONN is to hot and has a great guard, coach, bench, and composure to defeat the freshman of the University of Kentucky. The front court of UCONN will struggle early, but will later on adjust in the second half and be carried on the back of Shabaz Napier and pull away in the second half.
Tune in tonite and watch the game and see who pulls it out. 9:10 on CBS!

-Cameron Carter

RED Pyramid Stylistic Tip of the Day


Cameron Carter’s Fashion tip of the day. Read and learn.

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Hats can help a woman’s persona at the same time it can also hurt it. Today’s tip from Red Pyramid Company is simple, as a young lady you make the hat! But there are a few rules as a woman you should know about hats.

Rule #1: Don’t wear matchy-matchy looks. 

How to Wear a Hat

As a woman I know how tempting it is to wear a hat that looks exactly like your shirt. But you have to realize at the age of 11, this style starts to look very immature and takes away from your persona as yopu progress into becoing a grown woman.

Rule #2: Wear Hats with prints on them.

The printed hat can make a simple outfit POP. Try out a stussy hats for example and see how it goes. It can make solid color clothes seem more so a hot commodity, you will not regret the results.

Rule #3: Don’t…

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RED Pyramid Stylistic Tip of the Day


Style tip of the day 👌

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        Leather Trousers; They stand for rebellion, carry sexual connotations, and generally drawn attention to the most private areas on our bodies. Leather trousers are among some of the most love/hated wardrobe guilty pleasures.

Leather alone is a statement; if they fit too tight, you’re risking the chance of not pulling off “the look”. So you are probably asking yourself, what should I wear with leather pants? Well the answer is simple… Don’t over do it. Styling should be as minimal as possible, stick with T-shirts, a dark well cut jacket, and make your shoes blend in with the trousers.

If you need inspiration, look below at the Stylistic examples given of Kanye West and A$AP Rocky, two of the biggest fashion hip-hop Icons of all time. They exemplify the options of when and where to wear them. It’s alright to style it up with your favorite Air Jordan ones…

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Mercer and Dayton shine as Cindarella’s in 2014 Tournament



Duke and Ohio State went home with a bad taste and uneasy feeling in the basketball tournaments. The Mercer Bears and Dayton Flyers were able to pull off the Upsets in a fashionable way. 

The questions being asked now, is Jabari parker and Daequan Cook going to stay, Is Coach K lack of adjustments at halftime a concern for the Duke athletic department look into. Only time will tell.

-Cameron Carter



Today marks the start of March Madness

Today marks the start of March Madness

At 1:40 When Albany and Florida tip off at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida this will mark the start of March Madness. 2 1/2 weeks of Chaos that will involve tears, shouts, joy, heart turners, and overall intensity you have never experienced before. Good luck to all the fans… But as everybody knows there can only be one!

Rapper Quez outside perception would suprise you if you get to Know Him

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Claude Sumner A.K.A Quez is a 17 year old Atlanta born rapper is full of personality with a special talent.  Listening to Quez, you can hear it in his dialect and you can see it in his swag that he takes pride in his hometown.

Quez two biggest influences are Lil Boosie and his father. He said Boosie because “He speaks truth, He don’t sugar code nothing”. In Quez song “Memories” you can hear the similarities between Boosie and himself.  Quez gives off the same dirty south feel that keeps you intrigued until the track is officially over and has you wanting more.

Quez told me multiple times, the main reason he raps, he says “I want others to know they’re not alone in their story”. Claude can relate to a lot of people that grew up in the urban city of Atlanta. Quez said his father has always been in and out of his life; he aspires to be the exact opposite.

Though Quez makes dirty south music, he also has his music girls can “twerk-sumn” to. His famous song “Squally a Thottie” has become a fan favorite all around Atlanta! He came up with the song when making a beat while listening to another one of his fan favorites “She a THOT”. Quez stated “I figured if I could make one about a THOT, then why not one about a “Squallie”. If you have not seen the infamous vine about a “Thottie and a Squallie” or Quez song check out the links( (

It’s so ironic that this song gives a basic overview of the type of success that Quez wants. He wants his music to bring “Joy to people and wants people to relate to his music. Let’s be honest everybody has a “Squallie” and a “thottie” at their school.

Quez wants to keep people entertained and anxious to hear what he is rapping about next, very similar to his hip-hop rushmore. Which contains Biggie, 2 Pac, T.I., and of course his favorite Lil Boosie.

Quez says his biggest fear of becoming a mainstream rapper is the outside perception that will be given off by the chorus of his song or his outward appearance.

YES! Quez has dreadlocks… YES! Quez might let his pants sag…. YES! Quez has family members that sell drugs. But did you know Quez is a successful African American Male and is graduating on time in June… no you did not. Claude Sumner is just a 17 year old senior in High School who aspires and has the potential to be a great rapper.

He stays humble with his favorite quote, “I’d rather eat crumbs with the bums than to eat steaks with the snakes”.

Are you going to eat with the snakes or are you going to wait for your perfect opportunity like Quez?

Ig and Twitter: _CallMeQuez


-Cameron Carter